Winner of the Latest Trends Summer Swimsuit Contest!


I know this is terribly late and I apologize to Maxxions for taking so long to show this! I decided to explore the world of creating meshes of my own for IMVU, not just re-texturing. It’s been a long bumpy journey, but I’m finally on a roll with it! I will show what I’ve been […]

Latest Trends

So, after some thinking, I really wanted something fun to get you guys participating in and so… this is going to be a test. Depending on the number of people that participate, I’ll consider doing this more often. I’m going to call this segment ‘Latest Trends’ and how it’s going to work is that I’m […]

Simple Friday Give-a-Way!

Hey guys! It’s Friday! Which means another contest! In this case, it’s a simple give-a-way to the first 10 lucky viewers. I’ve been feeling a little discouraged lately as I’ve noticed there’s plenty of people reading the blog, which is AWESOME! However, I don’t seem to be getting much in the way of responses/comments from […]

Developer Spotlight – Maxxions


For this weeks Developer Spotlight, I chose to chat with Maxxions, a long time veteran in the developer community! I feel what makes Maxxions a great developer is his ability to capture the realism of clothing into his textures. However, he not only specializes in women’s clothing, but he has a heft amount of clothing […]

Tuesday Environment Showcase – Answer


I chose Answer for this weeks Environment Showcase. This amazing developer has a ton of fun furniture with great animated poses that come with it; HOWEVER! The product I chose specifically was a pose set called the Spoiled Girl.  The reason why this product stood out to me was because of it’s detail. What I […]

Take a Selfie Contest Winners!


  Here are the winners of the Take a Selfie Friday contest! I thank all of you for participating and I had fun looking through all of the outfits you guys chose! Unfortunately, I could only choose three of you and here are my reasons:   1st Place: Puck chose to model PoppyHome’s Sweater, Jeans, […]

Thursday Tutorial – Creating a Custom Brush in Photoshop


I originally wrote this tutorial for my class during my college course, but I’m going to post this to my IMVU readers as well so that you could understand the steps that were taken, just in case I mention using a custom brush in a future tutorial I put up. Once you try out the […]

Wednesday Developer Spotlight – Way

INTRODUCTION Hi there! Arylea here and this is our first Developer Spotlight! I used to do these back when I ran IMVULove’s Magazine years ago. However, it’s definitely a lot easier to run a blog rather than create 50+ pages in a couple days. I’m choosing to continue this tradition mostly because I have been […]

Tuesday Environment Showcase


For our first environment showcase for the week, we have MrsBillyYours! This amazing content creator has over 800+ great products to choose from for all of your home essential needs. This includes modular pieces to build your own custom home, all the way down to a small box of peeps you can set out on […]

Monday Showcase – Michelona


Michelona is this weeks Monday Outfit Showcase! This developer has a large collection of not only clothing for men and women, but also has plenty of furniture and accessories to choose from! Please support this content creator by checking out their store (click here). If you would like to take part in future showcases, please […]